Launching in 3 ….. 2 …. 1 …..


A SpaceX rocket exploded on a launch pad in September of  2016. This photo was taken by the incomparable Red Huber. If there is an iconic space photo you can remember, he probably snapped it.

It has been an eventful couple of years in Florida.

The technology and space beats have exposed me to some pretty cool interviews, including Steve Wozniak, multiple astronauts, Brad Feld, the guy who knows a guy who once worked on the Ultima computer game series, Jim Davis of Garfield fame and the studio behind the Madden Football video game series.

I’ve done more stories about virtual reality and artificial intelligence than I can count.

I’ve written the sad stories, like 50 years after the Apollo disaster and 30 years after the Challenger explosion.

I’ve been stood up for an interview by Chad Ochocinco.

Sadly, I played a small role on the incredible team that brought home the stories of those who died in the Pulse shootings in my hometown of Orlando, Fla.

So “eventful” doesn’t quite cover it.

Still, there are so many more things to write about that I am ecstatic to take on Central Florida’s tech scene in 2017. There are a good number of big events coming this year (including flight of a reusable rocket and the arrival of the space giant Blue Origin on the coast).

As I go along this year, I wanted to revive this blog.

It’ll be a place where I occasionally post some of my stories. Occasionally wax poetic about Central Florida. Maybe even share photo galleries of the theme parks or nightlife here.

Ultimately, I hope it’s a place that can be fun and interactive.

One that can put a spotlight on this region.

So let me know what you want to see or any questions you might have.

I lived in Chicago for so long, I never thought I’d move. But now here I am, after a stint in Iowa.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading.

Marco Santana, Orlando Sentinel

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